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Hormuud foundation distributes wheelbarrows to forty manual laborers in Mogadishu

February 21, 2014

Hormuud Foundation, the social responsibility section of Hormuud Telecom, has distributed forty wheelbarrows to some of the impoverished laborers in Mogadishu Somalia. The distribution came after the foundation has carefully analyzed the needs of the manual laborers who depend on their physical strength as a means for living. The aim of the distribution is create jobs for the manual laborers who neither can buy wheelbarrows of their own nor can afford to use leased wheelbarrows.

“The wheelbarrow I used early was a leased one, and I had to pay 10,000shs daily as a rent for the use of the wheelbarrow”, said one of the beneficiaries who was speaking to the media. He added that he will be relieved of the burden of the rent since he was provided with a wheelbarrow of his own.

Hormuud Foundation, since its inception, has carried out series of projects in different areas of Mogadishu. The projects include Iftar programs, microfinance, creating jobs, and providing financial assistance to Alnur Blind School.

The sectors that highly benefitted from Hormuud foundation’s projects include orphans, widows, patients, prisoners, hospitals, and the physically challenged persons.  Not only Hormuud foundation helps those sectors, but it is also well-known for its responsiveness in times of emergency situation such as draught and floods that are the two common disasters in Somalia.


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