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Can I subscribe to E-voucher service?

Yes, you can subscribe to E-voucher service, by visiting your nearest HorTel business center. The subscription is totally free of charge. HorTel offers this free subscription to enhance customer convenience.

Can you define HorTel Roaming?

HorTel Roaming is a service that allows HorTel GSM subscribers to access other GSM networks out of HorTel coverage area, using HorTel GSM SIM Card.

How can I register my normal telephone number?

You can register your telephone number by visiting your nearest HorTel business center just ONCE and providing any of your identity (passport, labour card, driving license etc).

How do I set up my message center number to be able to use HorTel SMS?

Please follow the procedure below:

  1. Go to Messages
  2. Choose “Message settings”
  3. Then choose “Sending profile”
  4. Then choose “Profile1/Default profile”
  5. Then choose “Message centre number”
  6. Then choose “Centre number”
  7. Enter “+252103” as the SMS center number

How long is the validity of HorTel prepaid scratch card?

HorTel scratch cards are available at the amounts: $1 Scratch card, $2 Scratch card, $5 Scratch card, and $10 Scratch card. The validity depends upon the amount of the scratch card, and this is listed below:

Card type/Nooca kaarka
Validity Period(days) Inta uu shaqeenayo (Maalmo)
Validity Period(months) Inta uu shaqeenayo (Bil)
$1 Scratch card
30 Days
1 Month
$2 Scratch card
30 Days

How long it takes to credit my telephone bill?

Your tellbill can be credited before the end of each month, but should be credited immediately at the end of each month, or in the beginning of the next month.

How can HorTel GSM subscriber transfer balance to another HorTel subscriber?

There are three ways to transfer balance to another HorTel subscriber, and they are:

E-voucher: Using E-voucher, you can transfer a balance to another subscriber. All the details of how to use E-Voucher is available here.

Credit Transfer: You can transfer a balance from your prepaid GSM mobile to another GSM subscriber by using the procedure below:

  1. Dial 120
  2. Then press 9
  3. Enter your 8 PIN number
  4. Then enter “#”
  5. Then enter the subscriber you want to recharge as “15XXXXXX”
  6. Then enter “#”
  7. Then enter the amount to transfer
  8. Then press “#”
  9. To verify press 1

Direct Card Transfer: Also, you can use the following short cut to transfer a credit: Direct Card Transfer/Person-to-Person Through this, you can transfer an amount of balance to another subscriber’s account.

How secure is my personal Data?

Any call that you make is transferred to our billing server. Basically, this is a method of electronic encryption that scrambles personal data before it is transmitted to our sales centers. Once it has been scrambled, every subscriber has an accont number, which can only be accessed by the use of secure key - a key that only your HorTel billing agent holds. For added protection, the information relating to your account that is stored in our database is also securely encrypted.

In which GSM networks can HorTel GSM subscribers roam?

HorTel GSM subscribers can roam in (Telesom- Somaliland) and (GOLIS - Puntland), so HorTel GSM subscribers can use HorTel services in whole the country.

Is there any charge for HorTel SIM Card?

There is no charge for HorTel GSM and it's totally free. HorTel offers this service to enhance customer convenience.

Is there any charge for telephone registration?

There is no charge for your telephone registration and confirmation it's totally free. HorTel offers this service to enhance customer convenience.

Is there any discount or promotion for HorTel local fixed-line?

There can be discounts, and promotions at the end of the each business year according to the rent payment performance of the customer.

Is there any international help desk number?

International customers may use the numbers +252-1-657950 +252-1-657951 +252-1-659562 or send an email to customercare@hortel.net

Is there any local help desk number?

To contact to HorTel local desk number, please dial our customer service center toll free number (101), or dail (141) then, dail (0), you will be transferred to HorTel customer service representative.

When I dial any number, My mobile displays "Enter PUK1 code". How can I solve this problem?

To solve this problem, you should have the 8-digit PUK number, if you know the PUK of your telephone, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the 8 digits PUK number,
  2. Then press Send key
  3. Then enter the 4 digit PIN number
  4. And press Send.

If you don’t know the PUK and PIN nembers of your telephone, please call 101 or 141.

My mobile, displays "SIM Card registration failed", what can I do?

Your SIM Card should be registered in our GSM Switch, so call your nearest HorTel business center; the contact list of each HorTel business center is available in Contact Directory . Some times you may need to visit the nearest HorTel business center for SIM Card registration.

What Activity can I carry out after completing registration?

After registration, customer can request services like:

  1. Locking telephone
  2. SIM Card Re-activation
  3. Call barring
  4. Credit Transfer PIN number
  5. Balance modification
  6. Customer bill information, when your GSM type is postpaid

What Activity do I carry out to become HorTel Prepaid GSM Subscriber?

To become new HorTel GSM subsriber, it is only getting our GSM SIM Card, which is available in our business service centers, and all countrywide local shops.

What browser type do I need to use to view the HorTel Web site?

The HorTel site is best viewed using Internet Explorer (version 5 or above) (www.microsoft.com/ie) or Netscape Navigator (version 4.7 or above) (www.netscape.com/navigator) - each of these browsers can be downloaded free by clicking on the relevant link.

What is HorTel message center number?

HorTel messager center number is (+252103)

What procedure should be taken in case of an incorrect credit transfer?

Customers may call our customer service representative on the toll free number (101) to report in case of any credit transfer problem and request for assistance by giving them the details of the incorrect credit transfer.

What services are available for HorTel subscribers when roaming?

HorTel both, postpaid and prepaid subscribers can make and receive calls ans SMS while roaming.

What types of credit card are accepted on HorTel?

No credit cards are accepted on HorTel.

What's the rent payment for a local fixed line for each month?

For a local fixed line, you pay only $10 per month.

When ever I swith on my mobile, "Enter PIN code" is displayed, How can I cancel this Security System?

To cancel this start up message, go to : Settings->Security settings -> PIN code request -> Enter 4 digit PIN 1 code ->Off

When I try to make a call, my mobile displays this message "Call not allowed"?

To solve this problem, please follow the procedure below:

Process 1:

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Choose “Security settings”
  3. Then choose “Fixed dialling”
  4. Then choose “Off”
  5. Enter PIN2 code
  6. Send

Process 2:

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Choose “Cost settings”
  3. Then choose “Fixed dialling”
  4. Then choose “Off”
  5. Enter PIN2 code
  6. Send

sidee loo furtaa Evcplus?

  • Garaac *770#
  • Geli 4 lambar oo sir kuu ah
  • Kadib xaqiiji

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