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Hormuud Telecom Scholarship Program (HTSP)?

Hormuud Telecom Scholarship is an annual scholarship program established in April 2019 with financing from Hormuud Telecom Foundation, the corporate social responsibility wing of Hormuud Telecom Somalia.  The goal of the scholarship is to provide an opportunity for well qualified Somali citizens to undertake undergraduate studies in different courses such as  in medicine, management, economy, political science and other development related fields.

What does the scholarship cover?

Hormuud Telecom Scholarship Program provides:

  • Full tuition fees
  • An allowances of books

What are the programs covered by Hormuud Telecom Scholarship?

  • Economic
  • Management
  • Health
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Science and technology

What are the eligibility requirements for Hormuud Telecom Scholarship Program?

  • Only top 300 students of Somali National Exam will be the candidates for Hormuud Telecom Scholarship
  • Candidates must apply Hormuud Telecom Scholarship admission exam
  • Out of the 300 candidates, the first top 30 students with no less 75% marks will be awarded Hormuud Telecom Scholarship annually
  • Scholarship nominees are required to fill HTSP application form and bring all related documents
  • Nominees will select  their field of interest upon consultation

What is the duration of the scholarship?

The maximum duration of scholarship award is 4 to 6 years for bachelors.

Important things to consider

  • Hormuud Telecom Scholarship does not cover  expenses for scholar’s family, health insurance, extracurricular courses, training, additional travel during the course, field trips, participation in workshops, seminars or purchase of educational equipment such as computers.

What is the Address of Hormuud Scholarship Program?

  • Office of Hormuud Telecom Foundation
  • Email: scholarship@hormuud.com