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Hormuud Telecom Sponsors British Somali Graduation in London

December 22, 2019

British-Somali Graduation Ceremony took place in London on Thursday 19th December. Events like this are what we stand by, to recognise and celebrate the young Somalis who have chosen to invest in themselves and their future. Hormuud Telecom was a sponsor of this inspiring evening.

We would like to congratulate all the students. You are all role-models, in your homes. community and country. No days when we hear people have graduated, we congratulate them as we do with other accomplishments. However, we believe it is important for you as new graduates to take a moment and reflect on all the sacrifice, hard work and dedication you have committed to this degree. You now have the knowledge and wisdom to go out and start your careers. What you have achieved is not just in that certificate you hold but also in the self-growth you have done in this time. We at Hormuud Telecom love to recognise, support and shine a spotlight on leaders, both present and future leaders.

We are honoured to have sponsored and been apart of the British-Somali Graduation event and we plan to continue to support similar events and initiatives.

Our advice to all graduates is to Combine the knowledge and wisdom you have acquired to create an impact you are capable of. You have achieved and reached this milestone, celebrate now however continue to challenge yourself until your next milestone. You are what you continuously do, excellence is not a habit, it’s an act.

EMTr JGe Ws AEhanv