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The Story Of Hormuud

The story of Hormuud is a phenomenal.  All the more astonishing given that the company was established and grew in Somalia during periods of great instability, war and lawlessness and has grown to become the largest employer and most successful company in Somalia.

Hormuud was established in 2002 in Mogadishu, Somalia with a group of small shareholders and 16 telecommunication sites.

The company works in telecommunications, mobile money, and fibre optic cable sectors and has strategic alliances with Salaam bank, Taaj, and Hormuud University and Burjuur Construction companies, among others.

Hormuud and its strategic alliances, manage some millions of customer transactions per month, created well over 20,000 jobs, and provided significant returns to some 12,000 shareholders.

In support of the people of Somalia, the Hormuud Telecom Foundation was established to provide philanthropic support to the people of Somalia. 

The foundation has provided financial support in the fields of education, health, job and income creation, fire-fighting, emergency, developmental and skills training.