Strategic Alliances

Hormuud have strategic alliances with multiple companies:

  • Salaam Somali Bank was established in October 2009 and is committed to providing the highest level of personalized banking services. Salaam Somali Bank offers physical and online banking, wiring and mobile banking services Salaam Somali Bank
  • Taaj Services provide structural support systems for transfers in the mobile money; online money banking and traditional money transfer services and has networks within 13countries around the world. - Taaj
  • Buruuj Construction & Real Estate Company was incorporated in 2009 with the objective of providing a world class construction service in the horn of Africa region as well as ensuring it is within the affordability range of the Somali people-who really are in dire need of affordable housing and office solutions. Buruuj has completed 25 projects to-date and won 5 awards. Buruuj
  • Hormuud University was established in 2010 as a non-profit entity to fill a critical technical and professional skill sets gap in Somalia.  The university provides undergraduate degrees in engineering, computer science and IT; economics and management science; and arts and social science. The university also provides masters degrees in business administration, Islamic banking and finance, public administration, international relations and mass communication.

Hormuud University has cooperation ties with the University of Malaya, the University of Nairobi, the University of Sudan for Science and Technology and the University of Khartoum. Hormuud University

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