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Hormuud Telecom Foundation as the first and only corporate foundation in Somalia conducts various emergency and developmental aid, among these philanthropic activities:

1) Educational Support:

Hormuud Telecom Foundation embarks on various educational support activities such as:

  • a) Hormuud University (HU) -- the biggest educational CSR program by far. The foundation provides administrative and running cost support to the university. The foundation also advances the academic quality of the university by through facility and curriculum improvement. The foundation is also funding a world-class campus for the university at KM 13
  • b) Al-Nur School for Blind: The foundation has been running Al-Nur Schools for Blind since 2013. The school has boarding facilities for students who prefer that way, chartered buses for students who choose to live with their families, classrooms, sporting facilities and much more.
  • c) Hormuud Scholarship: Hormuud Telecom through the Foundation provides hundreds of annual scholarships to students who finished high schools as well as undergraduate students.

2) Fire Fighting Services: Hormuud Telecom Foundation has been running this critical social safety program since 2009. The Fire Fighting Service operates with four big fire trucks and 26 member crew. This is the first private fire fighting services in Somalia since the collapse of the government of Somalia in 1991. In 2018 alone Hormuud Telecom Foundation fire fighter put of 63 fire incidents and in the process helped safe countless lives and properties.

3) Healthcare Programs: One of the most important philanthropically activities that the foundation has engaged is the funding and continual support to two dialysis centres in Mogadishu hospitals. Before Hormuud Telecom Foundation provided these critical healthcare facilities, people were dying because of lack of dialysis machines in the country.

4) Emergency Responses: The recurring draught and flood cycles in Somalia due to limited resilience capacities made the Foundation embark on various emergency responses. In 2017 alone, the Foundation delivered emergency responses worth of US$1.2 million.

4) Developmental Programs: The Foundation provides various developmental programs such as microfinance to women and the disabled persons, farmland rehabilitation and cannel rehabilitation and other sponsorships.