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Google Assistant is coming to iPhone

Apple is known for its voice assistant Siri which launched in 2010. However, the rumours that the Google assistant is coming to iOS has been buzzing all over the tech world for month. We would like to inform you that Google announced today at its developers conderence in Mountain View that the Google Assistant will be coming to iOS

Many of you may be thinking, why would people be excited about this, when Siri does the same thing. However according to Zdnet; Google Assistant is at the top with a score of 92.9% for answering questions correctly. Siri is not far behind with a score of 83.1%.

Google’s Assistant has third-party integrations and is capable of handling complicated queries. Google Assistant also allows you to control your connected devices thanks to Google’s new partnerships with third-party companies.

The performance of the Google Assistant on iPhone will not be exactly similar to that on the Android device because of the API restrictions on the iOS platform. And, unfortunately the biggest issue to the user experience is that you can’t remap the Home button on the iPhone from Siri to Google Assistant, but you can instead add a widget to access it. This may be a hassle to most users.

Google will roll out Assistant as a separate iOS app from Google search and is available in App store for you to download.