Ilawadaag (Collect Call)

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Ilawadaag Service (collect Call)

Make your calls using Hormuud Ilawadaag Service and the called number will pay for that call. Using Hormuud Ilawadaag, customers will be able to call their family members and freinds without facing any limitations regarding their balances. Below are just of the some benefits you might enjoy with Ilawadaag Service:

  • Keeps you connected and be reachable at all times
  • Works even when out of credit or duing emergency use
  • No payment required when using Hormuud Ilawadaag

How to activate Ilwadaag service (collect Call)

Dial *111# and select 1 to confirm

How to deactivate Ilwadaag (collect Call)

Dial *111# and select 2 to confirm

How to make a call

Making a collect call is simple:

Dial 111 followed by the desired Hormuud number. e.g. 111615541180